The Web Security Topics Series

Short Books on Security Topics for Web Developers

Welcome to the companion site for the Web Security Topics series of short books for professional and student Web developers. Each little book focuses on a specific aspect of security, explaining the important principles and processes which a developer needs to understand and describing the practical steps which must be taken to ensure the security of Web applications.

These books are published in paperback and in e-book format as Kindle editions, available from Amazon. The handy paperback editions are lightweight and 140mm/5.5in wide by 216mm/8.5in tall – small enough to fit in your pocket.

A Web Developer's Guide to Secure Communication

Secure Communication

A clear guide to the principles of cryptography for Web developers, and to protocols used for securing communication on the World Wide Web, specifically TLS/SSL and HTTPS. Describes the use of public key authentication and public key infrastructure as used by HTTPS. Includes key points and a full glossary of technical terms.

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Authentication and Authorization on the Web

Authentication And Authorization

A detailed description of setting up, managing and maintaining the security of user accounts in Web applications. Covers secure storage of passwords, authentication of users' identities, and methods of authorization for restricting the operations that users may perform. Includes code examples in JavaScript, key points and glossary of terms.

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A Web Developer's Guide to Securing a Server

Securing A Server

A clear, easy–to–understand introduction to securing a Web server host, for Web developers who have to take responsibility for setting up and securing Web servers for small businesses and non-profit organizations which do not have critical security requirements. Includes key points and a full glossary of technical terms.

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