The Web Security Topics Series

Where to Buy Our Books

This guide is for anyone who may not be sure where or how to buy printed copies of our books, and especially for the many international visitors to this site.

Because our books are published in the UK and written in English, you may find that – if you live in a country whose first language is not English – the quickest way to obtain our books is by ordering from international online booksellers who specialize in English-language books and international delivery.

Trade customers, booksellers and library purchasers, please see the section lower down this page.

Kindle editions of books in the Web Security Topics series are only available from Amazon sites.

The booksellers mentioned below are only a very small selection. You can buy our books from online booksellers or from bricks-and-mortar book shops. Any good book shop can order any of our books for you, but they may not necessarily keep them in stock. If you need to place an order for a book not in stock, we recommend that you quote the 13-digit ISBN given under the details for every book.

We have provided links to Web sites, even for booksellers with High Street shops, as the sites often provide useful information and sometimes allow you to order for delivery to your local book shop.

Kindle Store for India

Customers in India can now buy Kindle e-book editions of our books in the new Kindle Store for India at at special Indian prices in Rupees.

Online International Booksellers

There are many online booksellers who will deliver to destinations around the world, but they are not all equally reliable. The following sellers are known to be reliable.

The Book Depository. Particularly useful for international buyers. Offers free international delivery and displays prices in different currencies. All our books are available from the Book Depository and despatch for our books is usually within 24 to 48 hours. Prices are sometimes discounted, and may vary from day to day. Payment either on-site by credit card or debit card, or via PayPal without creating an account.

Barnes and Noble. Major American bookseller with good ecommerce site. All MacAvon Media books are available from Barnes and Noble online, often at discounted prices. Most ship within 24 hours. Free delivery in the USA for purchases over $25 total (may vary) and good international delivery rates and options. Checkout does not require you to create a customer account. Payment either on-site or by phone using credit card or debit card, or via PayPal.

Amazon are now well known around the world. Links to Amazon’s European sites are provided below. All our books are available from Amazon, and are usually held in stock for immediate despatch. Prices are displayed in the currency of the site you visit, but payment can be made in other currencies. Prices are often discounted, and may vary from day to day. Payment through Amazon Checkout by credit card or debit card. International delivery is available but may be expensive – we advise that you order from the Amazon site for a country near to you. Domestic delivery is often free.

Marketplace Sellers

It is possible to buy second-hand books and cheap copies of new books through marketplace sellers, who sell via many reputable booksellers' Web sites. Marketplace sellers usually have no connection with the bookseller whose site they are selling through. A marketplace seller may be anyone, from another reputable bookseller to an individual selling a second-hand book. Sometimes they are a not-so-reputable company. Some marketplace sellers are excellent, but some are very bad or operating illegally. We recommend that, no matter which bookseller's site you are visiting, you only buy from marketplace sellers with very good feedback and customer ratings.

Buying in the Eurozone

If you are buying within the Eurozone, please note that European prices for our books are not controlled by us, and may therefore vary considerably. It is worth comparing prices in Euros from different sellers. Even the different Amazon European sites have different prices for the same book.

If you are buying our books online and have difficulty finding them in your own country, we recommend one of the following, all of whom stock our books.

The Book Depository (see above) offer free international delivery and prices in Euros.

Amazon in France often have relatively low prices and tend to keep our books in stock for fast despatch.

Amazon in Germany seem to have the highest prices and keep fewer titles in stock.

Amazon in Italy have relatively low prices and books are usually in stock.

Amazon in Spain have reasonable prices and books are usually in stock.

Buying in Australia and New Zealand

If you are buying in Australia or New Zealand you will find that prices for British books vary wildly, but you don't need to pay a high price for MacAvon Media paperbacks if you choose your seller carefully. We recommend that you use the following price comparison site:

Booko provides an excellent service for Australians, lists all our books and gives current prices and delivery charges to Australia from a wide range of sellers. Just enter the title or the ISBN into the search box.

The following Australian online booksellers offer MacAvon Media books at reasonable prices, with prompt delivery:

The Nile is a major Australian online bookseller, supplying MacAvon Media books quickly and at very low prices.

Fishpond import from all over the world to sell direct to Australia and New Zealand. Shipping is free – they ship direct and deliver quite quickly. Listings have full product details. Prices are fair but not necessarily the lowest.

It may be cheaper to use one of the online international booksellers listed higher up this page, but delivery will probably be slower.

Buying in the United Kingdom

If you are based in the UK, or like to buy books from the UK, the following bookshops and online sellers are all reliable:

Amazon UK usually have all our books in stock for immediate despatch. Free delivery option within the UK, or guaranteed next day delivery for a charge. Buying from Amazon is usually the fastest way to get MacAvon Media books in the UK.

The Book Depository provide free delivery in the UK via Royal Mail, which is particularly useful in areas where courier services are less reliable. Usually have our books available for despatch in 24 to 48 hours. Reliable, but tend to be slower than Amazon.

Blackwells. A very long-established and reputable bookseller which specializes in academic texts – they usually have our textbooks in stock and will order other books quickly. Prices are not usually discounted. Prices in GBP, payment by credit or debit card online. Free UK delivery for orders over £20 (this may vary) or reserve online and collect in store. International delivery available at a relatively low price.

Waterstones. A reputable, well-known High Street book shop with an online shop. They keep our textbooks in stock; other books may need to be ordered. Currently offering free UK delivery (this may vary) or collection from High Street or campus branches.

Foyles book shop on Charing Cross Road in London is world famous. It is an enormous shop, with an enormous stock of books. Their online shop will supply any book, but may be slow. Free standard UK delivery for orders over £10 (this may vary). International delivery available but quite expensive. Loyalty scheme and Marketplace for second-hand books and other resellers.

Trade Orders, Bookseller Orders and Library Purchasing

All our titles in print are available for retailers and libraries to order through the normal trade channels, at trade discounts.

If you are buying MacAvon Media publications in the UK, please either order through your usual wholesaler or through Bertrams or Gardners. If buying for a library, please use Coutts UK or your usual supplier.

If you wish to order MacAvon Media publications direct from us, please contact us with your requirements.

If you are buying in the USA, the fastest delivery for MacAvon Media books should be achieved by ordering from Ingram, or Coutts for libraries, but you can order through any of the normal channels.

Libraries and booksellers in other parts of the world should be able to order MacAvon Media publications through their normal channels, but if you experience difficulty, we recommend that you use Ingram International.