The Web Security Topics Series

Code Examples

All the JavaScript code examples featured in A Web Developer's Guide to Secure Communication and Authentication and Authorization on the Web are available in a repository at Github.

You will need to install Git, if you have not already done so, to take full advantage of the facilities at Github, but if you just want to download a copy of the files, click on the button labelled Zip near the top of the repository's home page.

Please use the issue tracker at Github to report any mistakes you find in the code.

The repositories are intended as a support for the books as published, so we will only accept pull requests for actual bug fixes.

You are welcome to fork the repositories and use the code in any way you like, but neither the publisher nor the authors shall be liable for any consequence arising from the use of scripts in these repositories for any purpose other than illustration of general principles in the context of learning.

We expect that most of the code examples in Web Application Attacks and Defences will illustrate weaknesses in applications, so at this stage we do not intend to distribute code which will inevitably and deliberately be faulty.