The Web Security Topics Series

Server-Side JavaScript

Most Web developers and designers will be familiar with the use of JavaScript to perform client-side computation, but its use outside the browser has only recently become feasible. The more exacting demands of server-side computation require JavaScript to be used in ways that may be new to you if you have only ever written scripts for Web pages.

The series of short tutorials planned for these pages grew into something more substantial, which has now been published as a book in paperback and Kindle format.

Authentication And Authorization

  • Javascript on the Server Using Node.js and Express
  • Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman
  • 978-0-9567370-8-3
  • MacAvon Media, pb. 192 pages
  • February 2013
  • Kindle edition (ASIN B00BD8OKSG)


The extracts from the book provided here should help anyone unfamiliar with server-side Javascript to understand the examples in the Web Security Topics books, especially Authentication and Authorization on the Web. Ellipses [...] indicate omitted material. For more information, consult the complete book or the documentation on the Web sites for Node.js and Express.